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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Evado is committed to giving back to the community. We do this in several ways by supporting medical care for the Diqing Medical and Rehabilitation Centre in China, mentoring entrepreneurs in Australia, giving time and expertise to Engineers without Borders and using the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) kitchen to cater for all our local functions.

Diqing Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital China

The Diqing Rehabilitation Centre in North West Yunnan province in China, assists people with disabilities mainly through physical rehabilitation and prosthetics.

The centre primarily caters for people with infectious diseases, rehabilitation from strokes and motorcar accidents.

The DRC runs medical programs include medical training, program training for locals, assisting local hospitals with challenging patients, village level medical outreach and in some cases surgery.

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TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs)

TiE is a non-profit community based organisation that began in Silicon Valley in 1992 to offer support, share ideas and learn from a network of like-minded individuals that exceeds 13,000 members including 2,500 charter members in 57 chapters across 14 countries.

Evado CEO Jennie Anderson is a charter member and mentor in the Melbourne chapter; Jennie provides pro bono assistance to TiE members who request mentoring. TiE holds regular networking events to share relevant business and industry information for business people, start up companies and entrepreneurs.

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Engineers Without Borders

Evado Chief Technologist Ross Anderson has given his time and expertise on advisory boards to Engineers Without Borders, a not for profit organisation that works in partnerships with developing communities within Australia and overseas, to help them gain knowledge, experience and appropriate technologies for their needs.

EWB aims to educate people on the issues of sustainable development and to bring together students, graduates, experienced engineers and even non engineers, to help solve small scale engineering problems and provide training and experience for Australians.

Work Experience

Evado has given work experience to final year and graduate students seeking industry experience. Evado’s preference has been to offer positions to graduates from a non English-speaking environment. For more information about this program, please email the CEO, Ms Jennie Anderson