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Evado’s UniFORM technology is the breakthrough cloud app that has been designed to manage multiple business apps on one efficient platform. UniFORM eliminates the problem of integrating .net applications with multiple mobile devices.

With more than 1.92 million apps available worldwide, and Nielsen estimating that each smart phone user has an average of 41 apps, so the need to streamline app use is evident. In particular, Evado has identified sectors including financial services, healthcare, logistics and essential services as quickly adapting to the benefits of new apps. However productivity is hindered by the inability to manage apps simultaneously on one easy-to-use platform.

Patent pending UniFORM displays the same data, in the same format on an iPhone, Android phone, Galaxy Tablet, iPad, desktop or any other mobile device. The UniFORM SDK allows .Net developers to integrate their applications with mobile devices without the need to develop application clients for each of the supported mobile platforms. UniFORM is language independent, and ideal for any corporation wanting to enhance productivity and substantially reduce the cost of running multiple apps securely in the cloud.

UniFORM can be used by corporations in industries ranging from life sciences and eHealth to finance, banking, armed forces, mining, manufacture, logistics. UniFORM is also suitable for systems integrators and software vendors, eg: ERP vendors, who wish to provide a mobile front-end for their applications.

UniFORM solves the problem that many of Evado’s clients face: their business functions have been segmented into numerous apps that operate independently of one another so users are left juggling numerous apps across all their devices. UniFORM also takes the pressure off IT departments that are under intense pressure to rollout new versions of mobile apps. UniFORM’s innovative solution greatly reduces cost by moving all development to the back end.

UniFORM provides a streamlined environment by integrating multiple business systems into a single mobile app, that can be viewed anywhere, anytime. Being platform independent, UniFORM has the potential to transform the delivery of mobile computing.

The UniFORM SDK is being rolled out end of September, if your organisation is interested in being an early adopter, please contact info@evado.com, or ring 0396003616 for more information.

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About Evado: Evado Pty. Ltd. is an Australia based IT company with operations in the US and Asia Pacific. Its customers include research institutes, universities, large and small drug developers and medical device manufacturers—all of whom use Evado for pre-clinical through late stage trials and post-market studies. Evado technologies, employed successfully in numerous GCP and FDA compliant clinical trials and studies, provide significant benefits in cost, setup time, flexibility and visibility to research and commercial clients.