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Mobile Technology

Mobile medical users.

At Evado Mobile’s core is an award winning, patented client/server architecture that replaces application specific mobile Apps with one standardised mobile app.

Evado Mobile enabled Apps can be used across unlimited business applications and environments.

  • The Evado Mobile client/server contains a technology agnostic interface between the mobile device and the Evado Mobile server.
  • User requests can be sent to multiple applications running in the Evado Mobile environment while providing a consistent user experience across all applications.
  • Business applications have direct access to mobile devices smart features that can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing applications.

Evado Mobile is an integrated mobile server environment that can be published across unlimited platforms.

  • Evado Mobile is delivered as an SDK for developers to integrate into their own applications.
  • Evado Mobile mobile enables new and existing applications without the need to develop mobile Apps.
  • Evado Mobile can be used on any smart phone or tablet. The Evado Mobile client can display typical business forms while also accessing the smart features on today’s devices.

More about Evado Mobile technology (Evado UniFORM)