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Evado ePROM

Collecting patient outcome measures in the clinic or remotely

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Evado eConsent

Collecting informed consent in the clinic or remotely.

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Evado EDC

Fully mobile enabled fully integrate platform for clinical and device trials or studies. for

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Evado Clinical

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Evado Clinical has been continuous use for over 15 years. Device manufacturers, pharma, biotech and research institutes have found Evado to be a fast stable, reliable, secure data collection environment for trials and registries.

The Evado platform is an integrated environment for the design, collection and management of clinical trial and study data. Evado is highly intuitive and very easy to use, yet powerful enough to manage large clinical research projects across multiple clinical sites.

Evado’s form driven engine was designed to provide a powerful, highly configurable environment that does not require any user programming. Evado’s intuitive interface streamlines the collection, validation and management processes necessary for clinical trials, studies and registries.

Evado Clinical can be securely accessed on any mobile device whilst meeting the regulatory requirements of FDA Part 11, GCP, GPDR and HIPAA.

Evado’s benefits include:

  • High application availability
  • High application availability
  • Fast response times to page submits
  • An unlimited number of trials, or studies can be run simultaneously
  • Users can independently set up and run trials, or studies
  • Supports multiple sites
  • Stores data for thousands clinical trials or studies
  • Support for multiple data collection schedules, each schedule is versioned independently
  • Evado architecture ensures that schedule or form versioning does not affect pre-existing project data
  • Fully integrated patient privacy management
  • Evado is fully mobile enabled and can be accessed from a mobile device of choice including iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows 10
  • It provides a clean user friendly user experience across web and all mobile devices
  • Evado integration services enables external data to be imported into trials
  • Fully encrypted audit trail of all user transactions
  • Users can collect images and files in the file management system that can be included in a clinical project