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Advisory board

Evado has an established board of industry experts who generously provide their expertise pro bono.

Current board members include:

Dr John Woodard has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Dr Woodard is a senior medical device executive who has worked in the US and Australia over a 25 year period.

Prof Paul Komesaroff is an author, ethicist, practicing Physician and a Professor of Medicine at Monash University, Melbourne.

Prof Stephen Livesey MB.BS, PhD Melbourne University. Professor Livesey was the co-founder of LifeCell Corp (USA), he is currently conducting Medical Research at St. Vincent’s Hospital Dept. of Clinical Neurosurgery and Neurology Research, Melbourne.

Mr Bruce Hewett Principal Consultant RxConnect International Pty Ltd, Non-Executive Director of publicly listed companies Avexa Limited, Link Equity Pharma Pty Ltd and the private pharmaceutical company Lupin Australia Pty Ltd, Bruce has held senior roles with Janssen-Cilag, Faulding Pharmaceuticals and founded the specialist pharmaceutical company Max Pharma.