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Life Science Software Developer Evado announced today the issue of its first US Patent for an invention that uniquely manages multiple electronic forms and their records using a static database.

This invention enables a relational database using a static table structure to store a huge number of form layouts that can all be versioned online. Millions of form field data instances can be collected for each version of each form. Users can view collections of form data consisting of multiple forms layouts regardless of version and all form field data is directly accessible using a standard SQL statement.

Inventor Ross Anderson said “The USPTO is narrowing the scope for software patents, so we are really thrilled that this patent has been granted”. The Evado forms database is used for all Evado software and it is now proudly protected by Aust Patent 2012327168 and US Patent 9,805,112. All Evado technology can be licensed for 3rd party use.

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For more information please contact or +61396003616

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Are you systems compliant with the new mandatory data breach reporting requirements?

Does your organisation turnover more than $3MIL per year or do you work with health data? If so your systems must comply with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s new mandatory data breach reporting requirements.

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  1. 1997 First aged care application built using an HP Clam Top, Ericsson 888 phone and small Canon Printer.
  2. 2000 Application for nursing in Japan, WAP messaging technology on Ericsson R380 WAP phone.
  3. 2000 Mobile forms applications over Proxim Wireless.
  4. 2002 Fujitsu CE tablet running Mobile forms over Proxim Wireless.
  5. 2007 Evado eClinical running on a Windows XP, Motion C5.
  6. 2016 Evado runs on vendor agnostic hardware.

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Evado is thrilled to release new UniFORM client that is optomised to provide an excellent user experience in both desktops and mobile devices. This highly intuitive front end has been designed in collaboration with US clinical experts. Users will be able to navigate through the UniFORM enabled application with minimal clicking.

The latest version of Evado eClinical and eRegistry takes advantage of these new features to dramatically improve a dynamic but simplified user environment

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Evado is pleased to announce the release of eClinical version 4.3, that extends the functionality of the Evado eClinical to including full trial configuration and design tools using the Evado mobile app.

This enables users to have fully access to Evado eClinical configuration and design tools from desktop or iPad/android UniFORM clients.