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Evado’s form data storage technology:

  • Form based technology that can support thousands of form layouts.
  • All form layouts can be versioned without affecting existing records.
  • Millions of records can be created from each version of each form layout.
  • All form record field values are directly queryable using standard SQL.
  • A full encrypted audit trail is kept of all end user updates to all database objects.

Evado Clinical Cloud

Evado EDC

Evado’s EDC provides a comprehensive integrated environment for collecting clinical data. Evado form based technology to replaces the paper based CRF booklet with secure electronic records.

The Evado data collection approach is based on sites completing one or more records during each visit, where each record represents a form (CRF). When completed, record data can be viewed online, or printed to PDF or hard copy and exported for data analysis.

Evado data collection module can be used to collect data for:

  • Clinical studies
  • Device studies
  • Patient recorded outcomes
  • Storage of externally generated patient data.

Evado EDC

Evado Informed Consent (eConsent)

Evado eConsent module enables sites to record a patient’s consent to participate in a trial, study or registry using the Evado mobile client running on an iPad or slate device.

The eConsent page displays a page describing the study process and the procedures that will be carried out and requests the patient to confirm their acceptance of the study process, and procedures by checking each of the items on the page. The patient then endorses their consent by signing their signature on the iPad at the bottom of the page. The completed consent record is then submitted to the Evado server, where the patient signature graphic is encrypted and saves to the database, the consent record content is analysed then used to induct the patient into the study. Patients can either be consented in the clinic during a consultation or remotely.

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Evado Informed Consent

Evado Patient Recorded Outcome Measures (ePROM)

Evado’s ePROM module enables patients to directly enter observations for the studies, trials or registries they are participating in.

Patients can complete the PROM questionnaire in clinic using a tablet or remotely at home. The completed questionnaire is then added to the trial data.

Evado ePROM